The Middleman Gap

If we fail protection

By Popcorn Trailer

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Most indie filmmakers remember a popular aggregator named Distribber closing it's offices without notice. Do yourself a favor and read this article by NoFilm School. How a Distribution Company Died and Fucked Filmmakers Over. The shut down was ugly and unorganized for both the filmmaker and aggregator. 

We obviously don't plan to shut our doors anytime soon, however unfortunate situations can happen to any business. That said, we've created an internal process called "The Middleman Gap". It's a process we will continue to upgrade as we continue to grow.

What is The Middleman Gap?

In the story of Distribber the content owner was left to pick up the missing pieces when the company shut down and services on third party platforms. 

When an aggregator / distributor shuts down suddenly, how will the content owner fill the gap?

Content Owner Concerns:

  1. Pull down film from all platforms (ie. Tubi, Xumi, Pluto TV, Other Third Parties)
  2. Collect remaining revenue owed
  3. Republish film through another aggregator / distributor

The middleman gap is an aggregator / distributor issue not a content owner issue. So how do we help content owners fill this gap?

We're On the Filmmaker's Side:

Aggregators / distributors must be held accountable for having a content transition process in the event of a service shutdown. It's important that Popcorn Trailer provides you relief and satisfaction in knowing we have a content transition process in place if a sudden shutdown occurs with our Third Party distribution services.

Our Process:

  • Phase 1: Our process begins with sending a shutdown notice to all third party streaming platforms. This notice will alert the platforms to pause or pull down all the titles in our catalog from streaming.
  • Phase 2: Each platform will send Popcorn Trailer a final revenue report. During this time (Quarter 1 - Quarter 4) our clients will receive final revenue payouts based on the third party platform's traditional payout cadence until accounts are paid in full.
  • Phase 3: Finally, we’ll send the content owner a message to confirm titles have been taken down — allowing an opportunity to republish the film with another aggregator / distributor.

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