What happens after I submit my content?


Popcorn Trailer

Last Update 9 个月前

Popcorn Trailer - QC (quality control) automatically starts when we’ve received everything for your title. The process usually takes a week to 30 days to go live on popcorntrailer.com. We will email you when it passes QC, or if anything comes up. When your title passes QC, it becomes available in our the global marketplace. From there you'll be sent a link to your video page so you can promote it.

Third Party Platforms - If you choose to participate, we deliver a custom asset package to streaming services. We handle all of the leg work once you've provided the proper assets. Your title then gets processed by the streaming service. It usually takes another 2 - 3 weeks before it goes live. The selection process and time-frame varies and is out of our control. Anywhere from a few weeks to a few months is normal for a title selection period for platforms.

  • Popcorn Trailer can leverage our relationships to deliver your title to additional (AVOD) platforms Tubi TV, XUMO, Pluto TV, & Amazon Prime, if you meet the quality ingesting requirements.
  • Be sure your content has a great story, meets the minimum length, with quality production.

Note: We can't resubmit your project if it was previously denied. Duplicate submissions and rejections are not allowed. We'll receive the same rejection you were sent.

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