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Please submit in the highest quality available for both main video and trailer.

  • Video assets must not contain bars, slate, test-tone, pre-roll, post-roll (maximum 1 sec of black before film starts or after credits end).
  • No interlaced video assets.
  • Avoid having URLs or promo links (e.g. film website, Facebook page, available to download, etc.) anywhere in the film or trailer, including end credits.
  • Avoid having burned-in subtitles. For foreign language titles, English subtitles should be provided as separate SRT or SCC files.
  • We prefer interleaved stereo audio (1 audio stream, 2 channels: Left and Right). 
  • For multi-channel audio, stereo mix (Lt/Rt) must be included, and channel configuration should be specified.
  • Additional audio tracks such as silent tracks, M&E (music & effects) and commentary should be excluded.
  • Closed Caption Required

We accept a wide range of codecs and file formats. Below are the ones we recommend.

Apple ProRes

  • Supported Container: .mov
  • Codec Details: 422, 422 HQ, 4444, 4444 XQ (not 422 LT, not 422 Proxy)
  • File Size: Unlimited

Avid DNxHD

Supported Container: .mov

Codec Details: 220, 145 (8 Bit only, not 220x, not 36)

  • File Size: 5gb max and less
  • AVC/H.264
  • Supported Containers: .mp4, .mov
  • Profile: High
  • File Size: Unlimited

Recommended bitrate:

  • For 1080p: 50 Mbps
  • For 720p: 30 Mbps
  • For SD: 15 Mbps

Audio Codec

  • Accepted audio formats: PCM, AC-3 or AAC, MPEG Layer II
  • Recommended sample rate: 48 kHzz
  • Recommended bitrate for lossy codecs: 320 Kbps (stereo, 48 kHz)
  • Frame rates

Please always export your videos in their original frame rates. Below are the frame rates we accept:

  • 23.976
  • 24
  • 25
  • 29.97
  • 30

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