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Last Update 4 个月前

When you submit your film, we offer you the opportunity to showcase your content on Popcorn Trailer platforms and also get paid for your video streams.

Distribution Options:

  • Popcorn Trailer Platforms: Available on web, mobile, Apple store, Google app store.
  • Third Party Platforms: Tubi TV, Xumo, Pluto TV.

Popcorn Trailer Facts:

Non-Exclusive —

Your film streams on Popcorn Trailer platforms without any restrictions placed on you or your work.⁣⁣⁣

Get Paid —

We'll pay you based on your accumulated video streams quarterly. Reporting is provided through our partner dashboard.

Free Promotion —

We promote our collection of films with a marketing budget and introduce your film to new audiences.

Third Party Distribution —

We also offer distribution on third party AVOD platforms (Tubi TV, Pluto TV etc.) for films meeting the standard requirements. The revenue split is 80/ 20 your way. Available to you if needed but not required to showcase your film on our platform Popcorn Trailer.

Note: It’s important to understand — Popcorn Trailer is a separate streaming platform option from our third party platform distribution service.

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