Is Popcorn Trailer a distributor or aggregator?


Popcorn Trailer

Last Update 4 bulan yang lalu

We blur the lines between a distributor and aggregator since we're offering benefits to filmmakers that are non-traditional. Our process is always evolving to create a rewarding relationship with filmmakers in two ways.

  • On Popcorn Trailer, we attract viewers to watch your film and pay you based on accumulated video streams.
  • On Third Party Platforms, we pay you based on the ad revenue generated. 80/ 20 (Your Way)

There aren't many or no aggregators in the industry that market your film when you partner with them. This is a missing benefit we offer because it takes invested time and money to be successful in this crowded industry. We'll occasionally run paid promotions in combination with your marketing efforts to support your film. Overall, you're responsible for the marketing of your film, however we're here to help. We work on a non-exclusive basis with content owners.

We push to get all content streaming on Third Party platforms in combination with Popcorn Trailer as we grow our streaming service. The Third Party platforms (ie Tubi TV, Xumo, Pluto TV .etc) is what will ultimately increase your revenue. This opportunity provides a larger audience and increased viewership.

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