How am I paid on Third Party Platforms?

Third Party Platforms

Popcorn Trailer

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We split net revenue 80 / 20 (YOUR WAY)

What is Net Revenue?

Gross revenue minus fees. 


We deliver content to the third party platforms at no upfront cost to you and deduct the fees from generated revenue. Read more.

See fee list in our terms of service here.

What's the Difference Between Popcorn Trailer vs Third Party Platform Payout Calculation?

Popcorn Trailer

You are paid based on accumulated video streams on Popcorn Trailer Platforms. Read more.

Third Party Platforms

You are paid an Ad Revenue share (80 / 20 Your Way) on Third Party Platforms.

What Do I Need To Do To Be Paid?

  • Popcorn Trailer pays via Google Pay
  • We pay in United States Dollars (US$)

Note: Popcorn Trailer pays you, the content owner, once a calendar quarter. Payment is sent 60 days after the quarter ends. We only send payments when a $600 threshold is met. Our preferred encoding house is paid (10%) of gross receipts. Popcorn Trailer will report on and pay you (80%) of net receipts, and retain the remaining (20%) of net receipts, of the AVOD Revenue Share paid to Popcorn Trailer by AVOD Partners. AVOD Partners are responsible for the calculation of advertising-related statistics, which may include but are not limited to, impressions, unique clicks, actions and revenue generated on such AVOD Partner platform. Popcorn Trailer does not control the ad decisions or insertion of applicable AVOD Partners.

See Our Terms & Conditions

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